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Santa Maria Petty Theft Attorney

In Santa Maria California, petty theft and shoplifting can result in severe consequences. If you are facing theft charges, you will want representation from an experienced shoplifting defense attorney.

Best Santa Maria Petty Theft Attorneys and Shoplifting Lawyers

Being accused of petty theft can be a very scary experience. Moreover, the consequences can be surprisingly severe. Consequences for theft can include jail time, probation, hefty fines, a criminal record, and potentially disastrous immigration consequences for those who are not United States Citizens. If you are being charged with Petty theft or shoplifting you should call us immediately. Our petty theft defense attorneys know how to successfully handle petty theft cases.


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Are you aware that people can actually face jail time for theft? If that surprises you, you are not alone. Many people are surprised when they find out how harsh punishments for theft an be. This is especially true if you have been previously convicted of petty theft. In that instance a petty theft can become what is known as “a petty theft with a prior” which means a petty theft charge being brought against someone with a prior history of theft. This is covered under Penal Code Section 666. Petty theft with a prior can be charged as a felony, and consequently should not be taken lightly. Call us for a free consultation with a petty theft attorney.

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