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Cody is a native of the central coast for over 25 years. Few people can say they grew up and went to high school in the same area in which they practice law. This gives Cody a unique understanding of the area; he knows the cities, he knows the communities, he knows the people.

Cody is uniquely suited to help and defend his clients because he fluently speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Cody’s will tell you his career began when he lived in Brazil for two years giving voluntary service as a missionary. This experience made him acutely aware of the social, political and legal difficulties other people face and have to overcome.
Upon returning to the United States, he earned a degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in global and international studies focusing on the cultural and social migration patterns of people. With a strong desire to help and defend people, Cody then earned a Juris Doctor degree in law and became an attorney.

Drawing on his experiences in Brazil, Cody taught immigration and naturalization at Allan Hancock College to help people come to this country and build a life here.

As a criminal defense attorney, Cody worked for the Santa Barbara County Public Defender’s Office. He handled an extremely complex case load that included domestic violence, drugs, DUI’s, theft, burglary, sex crimes, etc.

Cody worked as an arraignment deputy, handled Prop 36 drug calendar working closely with rehabilitative service providers and probation officers, and managed a child support contempt calendar. Cody also defends many people in federal court, whose crimes have resulted in federal charges causing them to be placed in removal proceedings and in federal custody.

Of all his accomplishments, the one Cody is most proud of and upon which he places the highest importance is his family; his marriage to his wife of thirteen years and his four children.
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