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We have earned a reputation for treating our clients with compassion as we aggressively pursue solutions to their problems. Our goal is to provide exceptional representation to those charged with crimes. We believe our Firm is one of the premier criminal defense law firms in California. Our attorneys and staff are committed to upholding the standards of excellence in representing all of our clients. We can’t wait to discuss how we can help you in your case evaluation.

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Criminal Law is a field of law that deals exclusively with criminal sentencing and criminal punishments. The law practice of a criminal defense attorney usually specializes in two categories of crimes: misdemeanors, or lesser crimes, and felonies, or greater crimes. Individuals accused of criminal activity (even first time offenders) should consult with a criminal lawyer or defense attorney as soon as possible.

We will fight for you. We understand that being accused of any crime is a very serious matter.  It affects every person’s life differently.  Therefore, we believe that to provide the best legal representation it is essential to take the time and effort to understand each client’s situation at a personal level.  After investing that time, we incorporate relevant aspects of our client’s life, personality and goals into our aggressive case development and focused attack on the law and the facts of the crimes alleged.  In this way, we provide personalized, determined and effective representation to achieve the best resolution possible.

In every case we handle, our attorneys draw on their personal backgrounds, passion for defending individuals’ rights, and elite legal training.  Trained at premier law schools and top tier law firms, we have the experience needed to take on a broad range of cases and areas of the law.  We understand how to effectively protect our clients’ rights and freedoms and are determined to use our expertise to do so.  Since we know our clients may need representation at any time, day or night, we are available at any hour to defend and assist them.

If you have a loved one or a friend who needs personalized, committed and aggressive legal defense, please contact the criminal defense attorneys at  CCCD. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at (805) 621-7181 or through the confidential and secure email form on the firm’s website at

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