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High BAC Cases in San Luis Obispo County

There are all sorts of DUI cases. You have first DUI’s, Second DUI’s and so on. You have DUI cases involving alcohol and you have DUI’s involving drugs. Then there are the refusal cases with the risk of increased suspension periods. One of the more common varieties of DUI Cases are the High Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) cases.

Previously section 23206.1 of the California Vehicle code used to call for an enhancement of the sentence for any BAC of .20 or higher. This code section has since been repealed. Now, most courts will impose increased sanctions for BAC levels of 0.15 or higher. The most common sanction in San Luis Obispo is that a longer alcohol class may be required for a BAC of 0.15 and even higher yet if the BAC hits 0.20. For example, while a three month class is standard for a first DUI, a six month class may be required for a BAC above a 0.15 and a nine month class may be required for a BAC of 0.20.

In addition to the increased length of the required alcohol class, many San Luis Obispo district attorneys will be decidedly less lenient with a higher BAC case in the process of plea bargaining and increased number of jail days will also follow.

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