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Central Coast Criminal Defense is a Drug defense law firm serving San Luis Obispo county. We provide personalized criminal defense

Central Coast Criminal Defense is a Drug defense law firm serving San Luis Obispo county. We provide personalized criminal defense representation to those charged with crimes. Our attorneys set themselves apart from other attorneys with their aggressive approach to helping our clients avoid criminal convictions, reduce charges, or minimize punishments.  If you are being charged with a crime, please call us for a free case evaluation. We are confident we can help you.

Being Charged with a Drug Crime in San Luis Obispo? We Can Help…

California’s Health and Safety Code includes the Collection of the California Laws relating to drugs and illegal substances. California’s prisons are full of individuals who have been charged and convicted of violations of California’s Health and Safety Code. If you are being charged criminally for possessing, selling, or transporting a controlled substance, call us immediately. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys know how to implement effective defense strategies designed to keep our clients out of jail. In many instances we can successfully defend against drug charges and keep our clients our of jail. For many, an attorney who is willing to fight can get a drug diversion program for a client, in lieu of jail.

IMPORTANT: As of November 2014 California voters approved proposition 47.  This law re-classifies some felony drug charges to misdemeanors.  If you are facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, or if you have been previously convicted, in San Luis Obispo,  you should call us immediately to determine how Prop. 47 might be able to help you.

Avoid Prison and Jail- In San Luis Obispo A Good Drug Crime Attorney is Critical

There are many ways in which we can help someone being charged with a drug offense. In many cases, drug diversion programs such as PC 1000 or Prop. 36 are available.  Depending on the charges being brought against you, Proposition 47 may apply to your case.  In other instances, there are legal defenses available that can be used either in the negotiations process or at trial. At other times, where there was an unlawful stop of seizure which violated one of your Constitutional rights the suppression of evidence may be possible. But the bottom line is that we can only help you if you contact us. Do not go without a good legal defense. We know how to defend you and we can make it affordable. Call us today so we can begin working on your case.

Proposition 47 May Impact Your Case in San Luis Obispo. Let Us Evaluate Your Drug Case

Proposition is a brand new law in the state of California that reclassifies certain specific Health and Safety Code violations from Felony severity to Misdemeanor. The following charges are covered by Proposition 47: HS 11350, HS 11357, and HS 1377.  If you are being charged with one of these drug charges, you should call us for a free case evaluation to make sure you are receiving the protections of Proposition 47.

In addition to reclassifying current felonies to misdemeanors, proposition 47 is applicable retroactively.  That means, if you were previously convicted of one of the charges above, you can retroactively have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor.  If you are currently being punished for such a case, you can motion the court to be re-sentenced to a misdemeanor.   Proposition 47 is a powerful new law.   If you believe this law may apply to you, you should call us for a free case evaluation.

We Make Great Criminal Defense Affordable

We keep our fees affordable for our clients. We are happy to arrange a payment plan that fits within your budget. Our attorneys are genuinely passionate about defending their clients and keeping them out of jail. When you do what you love, you don’t need to overcharge people. Our fees are low and our payment arrangements are flexible. You can afford us. Call us today.

Free Criminal Defense Attorney Consultation

We know that people who are charged with crimes experience a great deal of anxiety. We can help. Rather than wonder about the strength of your case, consult with us immediately. It’s free to consult with one of our experienced criminal lawyers. We can put you at ease. Call us now for a free consultation either by phone or in-person. Consult with any other attorney you would like, but do yourself a huge favor and consult with us before you hire anyone else. Our consultations are free. We are confident that if you meet with us, you will see that we are the criminal defense attorneys you want fighting for you.

We Offer High Quality Criminal Defense

A great attorney knows how to go over a case with a fine tooth comb. We pay careful attention to the little deals that are the key to you defense. We catch the small details, less careful attorneys miss. Quality is the key. We take the time on every single case to get it right. We will leave no stone un-turned as we fight to keep you out of jail and help you avoid an unfair criminal conviction.

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