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Oceano Dunes State Park DUI Defense

Near Pismo beach is an extremely popular State Park called Oceano Dunes. Oceano Dunes attracts off-road enthusiasts and campers from all over the country who are enticed by the opportunity to drive on the sand dunes next to the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately a variety of factors converge at Oceano Dunes to make it a hot-bed for DUI arrests. These factors include the fact that people love to camp and drink alcohol and the park rangers know this. Further, it is easy to get pulled over at the dunes. Speed limits are very low and it is easy to get pulled over for speeding. Further, Park Rangers watch for people breaking laws like riding double of not wearing helmets. Once the Park Rangers stop someone, they automatically assume they have likely been drinking.

DUI Arrests at Oceano Dunes and the Off-road vehicle Myth

Unfortunately many people mistakenly believe that California DUI laws do not apply the same on off-road vehicles being drive off maintained roads. That is simply NOT TRUE! If you are impaired and you are found driving on off-road vehicle even one inch, you can be arrested for DUI. It does not matter if you were on the sand and not on the road. Its all the same under California law.

Felony DUI Cases from Oceano Dunes Near Pismo

Sadly, we represent many individuals charged with felony DUI from the Oceano Dunes. The reason for this is that people get in accidents related to riding off-road (many inexperienced riders) and when the police come out to investigate the accident they assume someone is DUI and investigate accordingly.

Oceano Dunes DUI Defense Attorney- Pismo Beach DUI Defense

If you are arrested for a DUI at the Oceano Dunes you should call us immediately. We can help. Please note that you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to contact the DMV to stop the automatic suspension of your drivers license. He have successfully handled hundreds of San Luis Obispo County DUI cases. Please call us at (805) 621-7181.

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